December 31, 2009

Flights and the future...


My friend was supposed to leave last Monday - 4 days ago. Blizzard Monday. No connecting flight Tuesday. Blizzard Wednesday (yesterday). And today? Mechanical difficulties with the First Air flight turned the plane back to Iqaluit. Since it's New Year's weekend, there are no flights with First Air until Sunday. Fortunately, with lots of weedling the good folks at Canadian North squeezed her, as well as Sarah, on their 11:45 flight. Thanks, Susan, for the help; Siovone, thanks for the awesome visit; and Sarah, good luck in Winnipeg!

It's New Year's Eve at the close of another decade which leaves me wondering what I have actually accomplished; what difference have I made in the world. It seems rather depressing to think that we're all roaming around in our own little worlds without somehow being linked. This time 10 years ago I was in Ottawa, ready to party on Parliament Hill...what a madhouse. While living in the capital, I only did that once; there's just something much more attractive about being at a party where being crushed by crowds of drunk people is not on the menu.

So when looking to the future, what remains of the past? It's something that I've been pondering recently. Does it really make sense to make some sort of Bucket List of things to do? How do you know if you're taking on too much? I guess I'll just see how things go.

To those of you out there reading, thanks for taking the time peruse this blog; for those of you traveling, safe journeys; and for those of you hoping, may your wishes come true. Talk to you next year!!

Certs List :
1. flexible airport staff
2. caribou antlers
3. HazMat suits
4. the internet
5. Sean Connery

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