December 20, 2009

Christmas blogs...

With only a few more 'sleeps' till Christmas, the reality of the season is starting to set in. It's been so warm here recently that it's difficult to believe it's mid-December; mid-December in the north! Today it was +2. Actually, if you cruise around any of the northern blogs you'll read about this crazy weather. It's weather I certainly didn't expect when I signed my contract, that's for sure! Nor is it something I expected when I bought my snowmobile. Hmmm...

Another thing to note about the northern blogs would be the travel plans outlined. People are heading south to see their families or to lay on a beach somewhere and, although I sometimes float through a little jealous streak, I'm happy to be staying here in Pangnirtung for the holidays...I know that not many southerners get the chance to experience it. There'll be bunches of things to keep me - and my Christmas guest- occupied.

Yes, I have someone else coming up to visit me for a week. For those of you who follow my blog, you might remember that I had a friend visit from Seoul about two months ago. This time it'll be one of my best and supportive friends visiting from Ottawa. I'm sooo lucky to have people shell out the $$ to jump on a First Air flight without a second thought (ok, probably a second thought, but not a fourth or a fifth). Siovone arrives tomorrow...can't wait!

This year my Christmas cuisine will consist of my own personal grilled cheese sandwich tradition, the full-on turkey dinner, and, for the half vegetarians in the house, arctic char with a nice cranberry chutney. For me, so much of the holiday season is based on tastes and smells, certain meals definitely make me feel closer to home. Damn the price of turkey! I'll be getting one anyway...

Certs List:

1. the word 'behoove'
2. the smell of peeling oranges
3. lysol wipes
4. digital cameras
5. the glow of a room lit only by white Christmas lights

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