December 17, 2009

Ulcers, vacations, and Christmas posts...

Uh...I feel nasty. For those of you who know me from my university days, you must remember how I occasionally got rip-roaring ulcer sick...mostly triggered by stress. Although a lot has happened recently, I haven't consciously felt stressed; I guess my gut was just storing it up. Mom! Help me out with that long-distance reiki! I've been swigging pepto, but there's only so much that thick pink syrup will do. OMG, that's just so unnatural!

Anyway, my Christmas has begun. I get to work from home for the rest of my time...yay! I suppose if you refer to one of my previous posts you'll be able to read about how difficult I find that whole idea, but it's a talent I'd definitely like to hone. Ah, such freedom. I just need to get my butt on my computer and start tip tappin' away - well, that and start clipping up stuff to decorate my class in January. New semester, new environment, new attitude.

So...SIOVONE!! Can't wait to see you on Monday...super excited. Just to let you know, though, that I ended up volunteering for the Elders' breakfast on Tuesday morning. Other than decorating my place, it's my first real official Christmas activity. Kinda cool. I get to warm up my snowmobile and scoot over to the local Northern...sweet.

Ok, I guess it's true about Christmas posts...they should be relegated to pictures. Writing inevitably crosses over into rambling and everyone's minds are a jumbled mess around this time of year. Never fun. Talk to you soon... any of you have a really gassy husky? Every time Keisha runs up the stairs a big juicy one squeezes out. Nasty.

Certs List:
1. a snowmobile's electric start
2. air fresheners
3. fried chicken
4. Christmas trees
5. feta cheese


Morena said...

I don't have a gassy husky but I have a bulldog and I think they should be called gasdogs instead. Foul!

Tammy said...

I feel and smell your pain and anguish!

Chakotay gets some nasty gas; either when he eats something he isn't suppose too or he has what we call "Evil" gas.

[Thanks to our awesome vet] to get things moving again, and to put a dampner on the gas is too feed him a mixture of cooked white-rice (cooled) and some bland cooked hamburger. After about 8 hours a very happy Chakotay is gas free and has a full belly.

Huskies are known for their finicky stomachs and gassy problems - just purchase some Febreeze Pet Odour Spray and keep it near you at all