December 26, 2009

A morning on the ice...

Today, Boxing Day, things started out on the ice. It's the tradition here to gather in the morning when the light finally makes it out; as you can see, though, it's still pretty dark. In this first picture I took my 'sweet ride' out past the festivities to take a picture of the group and a few houses in the background.

And so here was the deal...everyone boogied on out on their machines to start up the outdoor fun. Kids made it with the cutest little snowmobiles I've ever seen...literally mini-machines. I remember when I first got my monster - I would watch them zooming around and wonder why I couldn't even start mine. A typical southerner. I worked it out though.

When Siovone and I first arrived, the ladies hustled us over to the ice golf. Yep, ice golf. I wasn't even close, but I'm not a Tiger Woods wannabe; it's all good.

Oh, you see those big orange glove-type things Siovone's sporting? Of course all her stuff was borrowed from friends who had some sort of northern experience, so the fit wasn't the best...but those gloves...oh, those gloves. They were huge! Right up to the elbows. As soon as we got off the snowmobile people were eyeing them; apparently they would be awesome for fishing. I wish I could've heard the exact words (I just got the translated report).

As the women golfed, the guys were having ski races. Well, actually, not skis...more like pieces of plywood with rope. Singles and doubles. Check out my pic with the bums.

It was really funny to watch. The ladies had their turn later, and the videos I took were classic...I paid for them with pretty icy fingers though!

Check out the parking lot with that beautiful white Arctic Cat...

My final shot...isn't it beautiful? My Cat, Mt. Duval, my Goose - all elements of Pang I would be lost without.

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Morena said...

That looked like fun. Good for you for getting out and participating in the activities. I'm really hoping to get out to something this week but it's hard working around O's schedule.