December 17, 2009


This picture is a little micro-view of what my apartment looked like this morning. After the baby-gate broke and gave to dog free run of the house, all hell broke loose. This morning I just wanted to scream. Then cry. Then scream again. Grrr...

When I was in Iqaluit last weekend I bought a fantastic pair of traditional mittens lined and trimmed in snow-white rabbit fur. I figured they would make an awesome birthday gift. After the dog debacle, this is how they look:

...another chunk of change wasted...

So, I'm sitting here watching 'Survivor Samoa' - anyone else following? Usually I'm on the 'Grey's Anatomy' channel, but it's really not that interesting anymore.

Back to Samoa...

Russell is driving me crazy!! And Shambo too! And, of course, they win the challenge and head to the village for real food and a blanket. In true survivor fashion.

Keisha got another bath today and I wish I could've gotten a picture of her matted and soaped up fur under the tap. If someone else were there to take my picture you'd see me sitting in the tub in my yoga pants, completely soaked.

Then, of course, Keisha fully discovered the tree. Of course she had sniffed at it before, but I think the prickliness mixed with wet fur was just too tempting to resist. I need to completely guard the holiday treats a bit more diligently now.

Oh, and the basic tree? Here it is...

I don't have anything to put on top! And, for some reason, you can't really see all the decorations in this picture...I think I need to work on getting a bit more.

Happy holiday countdown!

Certs List:

1. dog shampoo
2. canned peaches
3. Judge Joe Brown
4. the smell of freshly cut grass (can't wait till summer!)
5. the smell of theater popcorn


Morena said...

The tree looks great. I didn't have anything for the top of my tree either so I used my 30th birthday tiara. Maybe Sarah will let you use hers lol!

I'm sorry about the mitts. That sucks. I know we lost quite a few important things when Tank was a puppy too.

Tammy said...

Those pictures looked strangely familiar to me.