December 28, 2009

Festivities, a feast, and a flip...

You know that weather that just makes you want to throw on your old sweats, big socks, and curl up with a hot drink? That's the type of weather we had in Pang today...actually, it's still going on out there. Heavy snow, crazy wind with even crazier gusts. Like I said...cocooning weather.

Unfortunately, Keisha needs to be taken out periodically as does my neighbor's dog, Sophie. So off I go, layered in snowpants, sweater, jacket - that coyote fur feels awesome around the cheeks - and open the door with all the force my mitts and fingers will allow; the wind is nasty right now. Earlier in the afternoon, I had to change the direction of my snowmobile: the wind was gusting from the east while my Cat was facing west. was the first time that I really had her going in 'real' snow and this is what I discovered: it's really difficult to cut a new path when the wind is gusting. Since it's holiday season, there aren't many people out in this end of town to start those tracks. I guess the job will be up to me tomorrow.

In my previous post, I mentioned the Boxing Day festivities out on the ice - we had great weather and a lot of fun. The afternoon/evening was also full of scheduled events like indoor games and traditional dancing.  I was looking forward to it all, but I guess it started late and fizzled early. We did make it over to participate in a few games and see the kids, literally, crawling up the walls. Ok, so there were bars to help them out, but they were still hanging around behind us all night!

The two main things about the evening that I'll remember most are actually unrelated to all that...

#1. Through some weird coincidence I ended up eating dinner with Ashley, a Cape Dorset blogger, and
#2. I flipped my snowmobile and pinned Siovone underneath.

The dinner thing was interesting; I had finally made contact with a friend of my family back in Nova Scotia and he and his wife invited us over for some amazing turbot and scallops. It turns out that their son - and his girlfriend - are in Cape Dorset and were visiting for Christmas. A happy coincidence. So an extra 'hallaa' out there to the Dorset readers.

Now, the Big Flip. Siovone and I were heading over to the school, and I ended up taking a route that I've only taken alone in the past. Actually, that would be true of about any route, but in this one that additional weight made a real difference...I got caught halfway up a ditch at an angle and rolled into the back end of a parking divider. Fortunately, though Siovone got pinned against the wall, I fell more into the dip and was able to use both legs to push the thing upright. It was more of a scare than anything else, but it's good to know that I can flip it over with my legs if I need to. Oh, but next time I should try to remember to hit the kill switch.

But here she is...proof that she's alive (though storm-stayed) in Pang...

I think I should head to bed for the is, after all, after 3 am.

Certs List:
1. coyote fur
2. scones
3. good quality dish detergent
4. chihuahuas
5. snowpants


Haz said...

Madness. You should learn some stunt driving so by the time I get up there you're able to launch yourself off of ramps and such ;).

chris said...

wooah and woosh thinking of you in the snow ....stay safe and warm ...both of you!

Morena said...

I've flipped the machine quite a few times and luckily wasn't ever hurt badly. I'm just not that skilled a driver. One time I could see I was going a bad way and I was uncontrolably hitting the gas rather than the break. I ended up fetched up on a rock with a very sore knee.