December 07, 2009

Certs said it best...

Well, sitting here watching Happy Feet I have to laugh at the thought put into the characters. The facial expressions of these sea creatures are amazing. That scene with the killer whales cracks me up. And the following scene with the boat crashing through the melting ice is just heartbreaking. What are we doing with this world?

These days we still get light here in Pang - from about 9 until 1; I know this is a lot more than what is currently found in other hamlets, but it still seems pretty short to me. Living without full daylight is definitely an experience - one that I'm still finding difficult...note to self: start taking my vitamin D 'pick-me-ups'.

I have to say, though, that the skies are beautiful here. If they're not painted with various shades of pink and purple, then they are glistening with deep greens and blues. When the sun creeps over the pink and mauve mountains in the morning the moon is so huge it's distracting. When I wait for my snowmobile to warm up, all I can do is just stare at the sky. It looks like one great big photo-shopped landscape. A crystal moon in a pale blue sky floating over pink mountains? Unbelievable. And that's not all...the 'night' skies with ribbons of green and blue electrically charged particles are Lights you have to see to believe.

Actually, today I started wondering a bit more about the sky (after going out with the dog in the 3 o'clock darkness)...what would it be like to grow up here and to never leave? What would it be like to have no basis for comparison to gauge how beautiful it is here? When I watch the tv here, I remember what it is like to wear a tanktop with jeans and heels - I remember what it's like to spend time reading in a coffee shop and going out for drinks with friends. When I watch tv it has an element of reality (as far as Hollywood reality goes). I know what smog looks, smells, and tastes like. Up here you see the ultimate effects of that southern lifestyle. Hmm...

Now, to finish off, I've decided to put two things together - kinda like that old Certs commercial...whether it's a breath mint or candy, it doesn't matter. It's a good find overall. Some northern blogs end each post with a 5 point list of songs listened to while others occasionally list 'things to be thankful for'. Why not put them together? The perfect marriage.

Without any further ado...

Certs List:

1. My view of the colour splashed sky over the local airstrip.
2. Buttery Eggos.
3. Mushroom soup.
4. 'Snow tears' (yes, I know it's a strange thing in a 'thankful' list).
5. Warm feet.

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