December 07, 2009

Outside the office near the Arctic Circle...

Here I am, taking a quick break from my day-to-day marking. Today I'm working from that choice a blessing or a curse? Although I can shuffle around in my pajama pants and not be tied to ridiculously strong coffee with powdered whitener, there are also numerous distractions. It seems even scrubbing the toilet is enticing when your home is your office.

So my question: How do people regularly work from home? Are they so much more talented than I? Perhaps if I furnished an office? Perhaps. What about those who are fortunate enough to make a living with only a computer and an email address...a 'writer-at-large' of sorts. Could you concentrate through the screech of the prayer bells in the middle east? What about next to a beach in Thailand peppered with fire jugglers? Next to a gondola congested canal in Venice? Under the absolute magnificence of the northern sky? There are so many other places and so many other distractions. Maybe you could do it if you actually wrote about those places, but how do you get someone to pay you for that?

Certs List:

1. My dogs.
2. Christmas lights.
3. Random bones found on the tundra (for the dogs).
4. Clean towels.
5. A forgotten bill in the pocket of an old pair of jeans.

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