December 14, 2009

Visits, victuals, sprees, and trees...

What a great trip to's funny what a change of scenery can do. For sure, I'm glad I'm back in Pang and enjoying another day off, but a shopping trip to the 'city' along with a fantastic celebration split between several locations was just what the doctor ordered. Starting from that first wing on Friday evening to finally collapsing into bed on Saturday night (ok, Sunday morning), I quite enjoyed my time.

I mentioned 'shopping trip'; yes, NorthMart and the basic local sellers definitely bled my bank account. There is something that I have told myself though...with no kids to support and my only responsibility being myself, I would like to buy a few things to match my pictures and memories. I bought a unique walrus with caribou tusks holding one of the traditional drums, black leather mitts with rabbit fur (so much warmer on the snowmobile), and a beautiful print from Smiley. Now, anyone who has spent any time in an Iqaluit hotel or wandered around the airport knows who Smiley is; I have no idea how he maintains such spirit, but I just want to believe the best of people and not assume it's drug induced. No Iqaluit visit is complete without Smiley.

So, on to the birthday night. Headgear - always essential - definitely adorned the heads of the coolest of us. How do we look?

Oh, and dinner at the Frobisher? Well, the ribs are certainly a monetary steal but finishing that plate is like completely consuming a small animal. I finished merely half a creature. Yum...

And, of course, no more birthday pics. I really do believe that Iqaluit is like the Vegas of the north when it comes to the other hamlets...what happens there, stays there.

When I finally made it back to my house, I was totally psyched to start putting together my new tree. Though it was still overpriced, it was cheaper to ship it back from Iqaluit than to try to get one here. This is how it remained after about 3 hours... you see, I'm from Nova Scotia and where do the best Christmas trees come from? Yes, Nova Scotia. In the past, my habit was to point to a tree then have someone cut it down or, at the very least, buy a relatively fresh one on a city streetcorner. My family has never sauntered in the artificial zone but up here, close to the Arctic Circle, it's the best I can do. When it's actually put together I'll post another pic.

That's about it. Oh no...actually it's not; I was 'blogged' for the first time at the Legion! Although I know some people don't like it, I thought it was awesome - it's nice to know that people read!

Certs List:

1. Hot coffee in a Christmas mug
2. Cesar Milan's new magazine
3. A dog which is slowly becoming house trained
4. The smell of pine needles
5. Wrapped gifts shipped from the west coast


Sarah said...

luv the photo Tara... thanks for coming for my bday!! it ROCKED!!! and yes.. you are right... Iqaluit is the Vegas of the north... and we all have our memories...but what happens there STAYS there!!! hehehe...

Can't wait to see all the AWESOME photos you took!! :)

Tammy said...

Just a hint: You can have your family wrap you up a "real" tree and ship it to you; it isn't "that" expensive - my in-laws shipped one from Antigonish and for a 4.5/5.0 foot tree it was only $75.00 plus some extra for the purchase of duct-tape. They shipped it in a round cardboard cylindar. [We also purchased a second one for the community this year, lol since last year when we threw our tree in the dump it was rescued and used as a land ornament for about 9 months until it turned a nice red]

I have never been to Iqualit but if I ever get a chance I would love to go just to say that I've been; our biggest hub on this side of the world is Cambridge and that is even exciting for me!

Matthew said...

The ribs at the Fro are my favorite!