December 12, 2009

Lovin' the southern amenities...

Well, it's Newbie's birthday tomorrow, so I took some well-deserved time off work and flew my Pang-Bound butt to Iqaluit yesterday along with a checklist of things to get done...after all, the next time I get a chance to travel will be in February.


1. pick up some extra textbooks at the college
2. go to an actual, real bank to deposit a cheque that was issued in October
3. try to contact Jordan and Steph
4. eat a 'greasy spoon' breakfast
5. buy a cheesy Christmas tree at Northmart/Arctic Ventures (nope, can't get the real thing)
6. buy some cheaper cleaning supplies
7. check out a few things for Xmas gifts
8. get my hair cut
9. watch a movie
10. drink a glass of wine at the Frobisher
11. have a nice plate of wings and a cold beer
12. hmm...I'm sure there's more to do, but time is of the essence...

When I arrived, I decided to start with #2 - the Nova is, after all, right next to the Royal. Then I headed up the hill to get my books...good to get that done. Now, when I got back to the hotel, Newbie was still at work and I was itching for #11. The Kickin' Caribou (pub at the hotel) it was. Amazing. And, as luck would have it, I ran into Jordan when I was there! There you go, I can mark off #3. Thanks for the beer Jordan!

Today started with a nice #4 at the Navigator and, despite the fact that it cost about $20 for eggs, toast, bacon, homefries, oj, and a coffee, I was as happy as a pig in s**t! I know, I know, $20 is much cheaper than other places in the north, but it's not even an option in Pang.

Heading to Northmart soon to get through #5-7, then #8 (a nice haircut) at 3pm. Newbie and a few other birthday-goers are heading to the Santa Claus parade but hanging around with kids in the cold isn't really my idea of fun...I have to say, though, the 'snowmobile parade' in Pang at the beginning of the new year sounds awesome! So, that leaves me on my own today. Tonight: classy dinner at the Frob followed by a not-so-classy night at the Legion. If you're in town, out and about, and want to see Newbie in a tiara, that's the place to be.

So, I'm off...updates should be fun.

Townie Bastard...enjoy your soiree.

Certs List:

1. crispy bacon
2. the warm weather
3. using snowmobiles as the main mode of transportation in Pang (frowned on here in Iqaluit)
4. Nova Scotian beer
5. the crazy architecture in this town

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Anytie Tara!

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