November 02, 2009

Time to work through the night...

Wow...someone once said that the state of your apartment / workplace is a reflection of your mental capacity at the time. If that's the case then I'm certainly messed up. My classroom is a disaster and it seems like I have no inclination to fix it...which is making me even more depressed. It's the light (or lack thereof). I'm taking my vitamins, but the time change last weekend actually made the days shorter; by 3:30 I was teaching math with no sunlight. I need to work through this.

On a brighter note: I finally cracked out my Canada Goose was, after all, about -30 when I went to work. Hmm, toasty warm. Very nice. The Baffin boots are rockin' and the Goose is given'er.

Not much more to say...


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