November 21, 2009

Still waiting...

Grrr...I'm so impatient! Not an attractive trait, I know.

Last night I didn't get a chance to pick up my snowmobile, so a friend agreed to take me over this morning. Well, 'this morning' changed to 'this afternoon' and when I got there, the new manager had no idea what I was talking about. There was no Cat assembled out back and no record anywhere that one was to be put together. It wasn't his fault really - the Co-op has been having personel problems in the past two weeks and he had just arrived two nights before - but I was still super frustrated.

Anyway, I just got a call that it would be ready tonight by about 7:30. We'll see. I suppose tomorrow is when I'll figure the whole thing out...the Co-op is throwing in a full tank of gas for my troubles.


Pics tomorrow!

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