November 15, 2009


I've decided to call my new pup 'Keisha'; I have no idea why, but it just sounds right. Unfortunately, up to this point she's only been referred to as 'girl' or 'puppy''s going to take a bit of time for her to actually recognize her name.

Huskies are so funny when they get outside to play. Keisha likes to walk I suppose, but she much prefers running in the back field and rolling in the snow. Watching her dig and bury her nose is's like someone sniffing clean laundry. Actually, I think the rolling is helping out with the whole fishy scent that was lingering around her since the time she arrived. Another thing I noticed? Husky fur doesn't really stay doesn't even seem to get wet! It's just a pillow of protection for these creatures. Kinda funny.

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Morena said...

I like the name! Travelling with another dog should be fun. I understand the attraction though :) Congrats on your new addition.