November 04, 2009

The moon and a touch of soap...

It's been another few days - it feels like ages - of not writing. If you're a regular reader, I'm sure you've noticed the dip in my mood; I'm pretty sure it's just the adjustment to the season, but who knows. At least I can say that it's started to lift a bit.

You may ask how I know? Well, though it was dark by 3 this afternoon, I noticed the moon and not the lack of light. The moon! When it started to creep up over the mountain, it was awesome. Picture this...there was a blanket of clouds with no glimpse of any star; in a place with so few light bulbs, it was unbelievably noticeable. The mountains were an inky contrast to the already dark sky.

And then, above it all, there it was. The moon. My whole walk home. It just hung there. What makes it interesting is that it was so cloudy. It was almost like one of those science experiments that you do in elementary school (or see on Palmolive commercials): greasy water with a touch of soap. As soon as contact is made the oil is pushed aside; in this case, the moon was like a drop of liquid soap clearing the air of clouds.

Oh, and one more thing about the moon...

It seems that it's been a full moon for ages. Is that possible, or is just my imagination. I have no idea.

So take some time, then check out the sky; there are things just as beautiful as the Northern Light up there.


Haz said...

Man I'd love to see that.

You probably started noticing the moon a little bit before it made it to full (it looks full for a few days on either side I've found).

Sarah said...

The moon coming up over mt. duval is an awesome site!! :)

chris said...

I would agree with you Tara. It seem that the full moon has made a larger announcement this month. Perhaps that is due to the shorter days and longer nights BUT seeing the moon over Chedabucto Bay at 6:30 this evening in all it's golden glory would take your breath away.
Sing Tara Sing. Your music will keep you sane.