November 08, 2009

A shot, a beating, and some darn cold weather... the past week I have dreamt about KFC three times. OK, actual KFC was only once, but it's been fried chicken three times. That and wedge fries. With green coleslaw. What's up with that? It's not like it's something I ate a lot when I was in the south. I really wonder how dreams work. What does fried chicken represent when you're living in northern Canada? Weird.

It seems so strange to have my computer back in front of me. Actually, no, it's stranger to feel like it's been forever after only a day. I checked my email on Friday, powered down, then got an H1N1 shot in the arm. By Saturday my arm was swollen, bruised, and too sore to raise above a 30 degree angle. Ouch. I must say, though, that the little juice boxes we received afterwards were nice

Today I got a phonecall from a friend just up the road...they have a big shepard/husky mix, and they were asking me - a small dog owner - for pee-pads. Ha! The full story is horrible. When Mr.X went to the local C-Store (the Northern Convenience Store), he came across a group of guys - early 20s - beating a dog. A tiny one. A puppy. I know this is something that occurs regularly in some places, but it's still a shock when you come across it in real life. Of course, Mr.X scooped up the dog, plopped the emaciated thing in front of him on his Polaris, and zoomed on home. Tomorrow they'll be looking for the owner by way of the local radio...

...and, if no one claims him, what happens? Where does he go? He's an adorable little white puff-ball with caramel ears and a lot of energy. He needs some love, some food, and - my god - a good scrub. I know some of you readers are going to think the northern air has affected my mental functioning in some way, but I think I'll take the little thing if no owner shows up. He's such a little stinky sweetie right now!

Every time I check out this blog, I check out the reported weather widgit on the side and, for the first bit of time, it boggled my mind. How could it feel so cold out there, yet register only a minus 10 or 15?'ll kill you every time. Check, instead, this site. That's more like it.

Until next time, appreciate your animals as much as you can...