November 24, 2009

Ma sweet ride...

Check out my sweet ride! One of my students took this picture around 2 pm the afternoon. Dark already and ready to roll.

Here's my problem: I refuse to be that person who rides a vehicle and has no idea what he/she should do at the first sign of trouble...regular things like spark plugs and fanbelts. I need to learn about it all. In the south it would be easy enough to sign up for some sort of class - Snowmobiles 101. Here, though, I'm trapped in an area where everyone seems to pop out of that northern womb ready to jump on a skidoo, throw a rifle over their shoulder, and head out on the land...and no, it's not Sarah Palin land. I'm still having problems starting the monster. Get this: I was able to get the thing going easily enough after work, let it warm up for a bit (about 5-10 minutes), then headed down to the Co-op to pay for a tank of gas. I was in there about 15 minutes and, when I came out, I couldn't start the thing again. There I was - a flashy machine and no idea how to use it. Ahh!!

You know what's even more frustrating? The fact that it's dark so much I can't really get out there and check out the innards. I think I'm flooding the engine. Yesterday one of my students took about an hour to dry out the plugs and the inside. And BTW, I really have no what I'm talking about.

I need to find the tamped down snow tracks during daylight hours; right now I'm ripping up something by sticking to the main roads.

I guess I'll finish up...time to take Keisha out for a walk. Can you believe that she doesn't really like going out? What kind of husky is that? She's fine out there - even the insides of her ears are covered in fur!

Bon nuit all...

...oh, and to my brother ensconced in the U of T world of PhD nastiness...yes, your sister is badass!

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Sarah said...

hey Tara...

there are some people in Pang.. that can help you out... with some of your questions... I work with a few peeps... when I'm back Dec 7th... I could introduce you guys? that might help!? But then then I think you'll probably have it all figured out!?

:) Keep on having fun... PS (there's no snow here in Sani...or in Montreal! hehehe)