November 16, 2009

Another husky houdini...that's one of the things they're known for, right?

So Keisha is only about 30 lbs right now, but she's still a puppy...a boisterous puppy. She's already got a lot of power and could do some serious damage if she put her mind to it, but at this point she doesn't really know how to interact with people - translation: she jumps, stomps, charges, mouths, and nips. Hmm. All puppy behaviour, I know, but for some reason my other two pups didn't go through that sort of phase. Yay me! I should've known that luck couldn't continue. FYI: chihuahuas are a dream to take care of and, with the right owner, are never aggressive or yappy.

Anyway, the husky. Last night I put her in the back's the standard 'cold room' that all the government units have instead of providing sheds. It had a few blankets for her to sleep on, some water (she had already been fed and walked), a chew-toy, and the light left on. I made this decision because the previous night I woke up with the whole three of them rolling around in a ball. Of course the characteristic husky yodel started up as soon as I closed the door, but I knew I had to be firm. Without her locked away I couldn't put down the food for the little dogs.

Getting into bed, I prepared for a relatively sleepless night, grateful for the fact that my unit isn't close enough to the neighbors' bedrooms to bother them. Yowling, scratching, banging, pounding followed. Next thing? A nasty, stinky, dog-breath kiss. Yup, she had actually opened the door using the pull knob and, because I hadn't closed the deadbolt, it swung open. Can you believe that? Clever little pooch.

Gotta say awesome as she is, I'm still testing out whether she will meld well with the other dogs. Today I got a longer cable for her so I can leave her outside more (I think she finds it too hot inside) which will make it easier to pay just as much attention to the wee ones. She is so big, Scarlett and Gryphon have stopped their play sessions and just try, instead, to stay out of Keisha's way.

So...some big time obedience training sessions are essential in the near future; she's completely wild. Fortunately, it only took her about a day to get used to the leash (although I know she doesn't like it). Here's hoping!


Tammy said...

As a proud owner of two Siberian Huskies; I know and have felt your pain. Luckily my oldest was a breeze.. However my pup (who is now 2) was another story. She was a pain to train, and to this day she is as stubborn as a mule when she wants something.. She is our escape artist and loves to chew on gyprock & pillows. With the help of a crate training she is now 100% different. (Thank god..we lost two couches and left our security deposit plus $400.00 behind at our last rental to pay for her damanges) Huskies are stubborn, shedding and loveable beasts. I'm actually looking to adopt a I'm either crazy or addicted. Just let Keisha know you are the boss..over and over again.

Marc Phillion said...

Hey Tara, I'm guessing your dog smells like fish - because that's probably what she was fed. One of our pups (Greenland husky / German Shepherd) would eat fish freshly caught ice fishing... head to tail, and still wiggling. Anyway, yeah, I'd keep her outside 24/7 - that's what they are build to do.

Tara Muise said...

well, since keisha won't be a working dog, i'm thinkin' not 24/7. the regular schedule will be a quick walk in the morning, outside all day, long walk when i get home, training session (need a tired husky to make them pay attention), play, sleep. somewhere in there i'll fit in homework. the 3 dogs are getting along well when supervised...they're actually sharing treats now! very cool.

i gave her her first quick brush today and, ya, there was a lot that come out. one thing i've noticed though (in the short amount of time i've had her), she doesn't seem to have hair that flies everywhere. it gets caught caught up with the rest of the fur. i suppose that'll change if she spends too much time inside. hmmm...