October 31, 2009

My wardrobe only needs a wig to make me look like a witch!

Happy Halloween! I forgot that I had taken this picture yesterday morning before heading out to school. Yet another wig. Funny thing? I'm not sure who would have recognized me if I wasn't in the context of the college. As it was, when I headed to the public schools for the afternoon activities, no one knew me. I'm the qallunaaq that no one knows! I need to get out more. I'm not so different looking here, am I?

Hmm...ok, so I don't usually look super-goth, but I still wear a lot of black. Need to work on that. When I got my dogs, can you believe that I was actually looking specifically for ones whose hair I wouldn't see on my clothes? I have two black chihuahuas.

I suppose I'd better get prepped for round three...my next costume for the trick-r-treaters!

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