October 14, 2009

Short days on a seal-skinning eve...

Hmmm...as any regular reader knows, this is just my second month in the north - a newbie by anyone's standards. Ergo, I'm still going through a lot of 'firsts'. For example, check this picture out. I know it's blurry

(freezing fingers and a shutter full of condensation), but that's not the important thing. The fat to chew on here is the fact that it's only 5:30 in the evening! 5:30! That's the type of first I'm talking about. For the past few days it's looked like it was going to storm, but I think it's just the shorter days.

The weather is finally turning but, like Newbie in the North mentioned, there is still no snow. I want snow! Bring. It. On. Oh, and to all those naysayer-type people who leave kinda nasty comments about how I'll regret ever having said that...everyone has regrets, but I don't need to hear about how naive it is for me to look forward to the white stuff. I abhor the heat of the south and have never been comfortable on a beach. I just want to skidoo around and feel what it's like to truly be in the north. Snow...good. Naysayer...bad.

Moving on to something a little - or a lot - more positive...a new northern first! Tomorrow I've arranged to get a full-on seal in the class to cut and clean in the traditional way. I've been assured that there is a minimum amount of blood involved, so cardboard boxes and garbage bags should be good. Most of the students know how to do this to some degree, but they don't have much practise. We'll have a guy doing the cutting and a woman, with her ulu, instructing on how to clean the seal in the most efficient way. Should have some interesting snacks...eat your heart out Sir Paul McCartney - I'll probably be eating something similar mixed with seasonal berries. Mwah!

I refuse to wear my Canada Goose jacket until November. That, or until it gets to about -10 to -15C...whichever comes first. Holy crap, though, it felt cold today! And it only dipped to -6. Hmmm. Despite my personal promise to avoid the down, I don't think I can avoid the hand gear...and that's the one thing I didn't think to buy. I know, it sounds daft. Actually, it is. I can no longer get by with the autumn gloves I have been wearing, and now must start sniffing around for some mitts. There are some beautiful ones here, that's for sure!

One final note: I finally found a tv to buy - two actually! I know that, to some, this blog is just starting to ramble with the introduction of this last point, but it's a big thing for me. I don't think I'll spend hours plugged into the tube but, word to the wise for those who haven't yet arrived, bring your television. To depend on the internet for entertainment in any capacity had been both exasperating and expensive.

C'est tout (or toute?) for tonight. I hope to have pictures and maybe even a little video of our seal session tomorrow...stay tuned.


Morena said...

I've never seen a seal butchered. I wish I was in your class tomorrow.

iearnmoney said...

Thats great you get to see a seal skinned in your class! So jealous!!! Just like you I have only been here for a few months as well and have been learning the ropes of life up here. I finally broke down and ordered my gear as it has been so cold here in Rankin Inlet. Before I moved up here I rarely watched TV, but I find myself watching more and more each day. I have even resigned myself to a saturday morning movie if there is something good on. I think the lack a decent library up here is contributing to this as well, but I am equally as guilty! Hope you have a great day tomorrow with the seal skinning, post some photos ok. Have a great night.