October 22, 2009

Some sickly cough syrup...

You know, I feel like I'm going to go crazy if I don't post something soon, but I don't have any tangible ideas to key in. I think it must be a touch of the 'blogger syndrome' in its early stages...you know, like a scratchy cough that's really annoying but not quite serious enough to see the doctor (or, as is usually the case in the north, the local nurse). Strange. Townie Bastard, your commitment to daily entries is quite impressive.

I made it out to the Lodge again last night for the first time in ages; with my friend here, at least one meal had to be spent 'experiencing' zee lawsh. Another awesome roast with 26 guests - many of them locals. What was interesting was the fact that Son (my friend) knew just as many people as I did due to his night in Iqaluit...I suppose nothing really brings you closer to a person than emergency circumstances and a smoke or two out in the cold. In fact, he even procured a dinner invitation to a local's place for the two of us! Is it a Korean thing?

I want my Arctic Cat. Now. Every time I hear a snowmobile swishing by I get impatient; especially today when I'm stuck doing admin work, the two big windows in my office display heaps of snow, beautiful tracks, and endless adventures. I want my Arctic Cat. Now.

CBC Radio One: Right now I'm listening to an interview with Bill Withers, the songwriter for songs like Lean On Me and Ain't No Sunshine When You're Gone...he's one of the craziest 70-year-olds that I've heard. Check him out.

Well, I guess that's it. I told you I had nothing very interesting to say...it's just one of those days. I'll just call this my 'cough medicine' entry - enough to temporarily assuage the symptom, but not quite enough to cure the syndrome.

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