October 31, 2009

A witchy witch with bad-ass boots...

So how is this for a Halloween Eve's night? OK, OK...this picture was actually taken another night, but I think it embodies a lot of what this holiday's about. Mystery. People can talk about the science of the Northern Lights, but to actually see them in person makes you believe in all sorts of unbelievable things. Isn't that what Halloween's about? Despite what the Vatican might say, I don't believe in the negative rap this holiday sports.

Anyway, this afternoon we (my students and I) ended up heading to the local elementary and high school...just to check out their kids' holiday activities. Of course, I had to dress up in something scary. But, you know what was scary? I just ended up wearing the black clothes I usually wear, put on enough make-up to look like Jennifer Love Hewitt, and topped it all off with a wig...and that was enough! It was at this point  that I realized my wardrobe needs to be fleshed out a bit.

After school, though, I still needed to enjoy my evening with another costume, don't you think? I'm not a big fan of masks, but anything else goes. My Morticia hair was my hijab for the evening. That's not sacrilegious to say, is it?

This is the issue involved in northern Halloweens: it's freakin' cold!! Today, with the windchill, the temperature dipped to around -25. Generally, I follow Townie Bastard's rule on the BFJ...don't wear that Goose until November...but I couldn't do it with my Walmart witchy witch outfit. So I dug out the feathers.

Now, bundling up under Halloween costumes isn't exactly a new concept to me...certain years it was the annoying result of having parents who actually cared. Over the years, I've come to accept the whole thing. You see, compare these two pictures...what do you think of the devil? I was not impressed with all the layers I had to wear, I was annoyed that my brother was so happy, I was losing my sugar rush, and I was really really tired.

What do you think? Canada Goose parka, bad-ass Baffin boots, coyote collar, and completely under control...not bad, eh?
Ta da!

Oh, I suppose you might be wondering where I am in these pictures. I was roped into chaperoning the high school dance tonight. Come to think of it, it was a pretty strange experience. I suppose the 'adults' were there (can't believe I'm considered an adult) for legal reasons and to perhaps cut down on overt drinking and joints, but it still seemed rather 'relaxed' to me. It was mostly hanging out sniffing for alcohol and watching for odd behaviour. Ha. Odd behaviour. What does that even mean when you're talking about high school students? Wouldn't that be everything? I'm really happy that I teach adults instead.

So, signing out, here I am lookin' faayn as a northern witchy witch. Tune in tomorrow for my actual Halloween costume!


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Luv that first photo.... that must of been an AWESOME photographer that took it eh!?

the costume looks good too!! :)