October 29, 2009

Flakes, vitamins, and holiday houses...

It snowed all day today here in Pang...big, lumpy flakes drifting down and totally teasing anyone who had to be trapped inside. I'm pretty sure that it would be awesome skiing weather...I mean, I'm not really a skiier, but I can imagine that, if I were, I'd be excited. By the time I left school the snow had stopped and the temperature was crisp, but not frigid; I would've taken a picture of the amazing drifts, but the sun had said 'goodbye' to dusk and 'hello' to night ages earlier. Yup, getting dark.

Sooo...Halloween celebrations tomorrow. I was going to prep something - you know, something to make it special - but right now I just feel like prepping my math test and going to bed. Vitamin D, is that the one? I need something to keep me awake...if I drink anymore coffee, my stomach lining is going to be completely fried.

Hee hee...I can't wait to get dressed up; I love this holiday! I don't really know what kind of celebrations to expect, though. Pumpkin carving? Toilet paper mummy? That stuff is just waaayy too expensive here. Way too much. A haunted house (that the high school is hosting tomorrow)...what are they going to do? When I was a kid I remember putting my hand in a bowl of peeled grapes and being told they were eyeballs; with seal eyeballs around to eat, what would replace them in an activity like that? No idea.

...pictures and a report to follow...

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