January 09, 2010

Bits'n'Bites and a scalding splash of H2O...

Yesterday was the first day that it was actually cold. Sure, I've been through the -30, but that's not really so bad. Yesterday was the first day it felt like someone was pouring scalding water over my face. It was -40 with the windchill and, after warming my snowmobile up for what seemed like forever, the drive to work added even more wind. I'm not sure exactly how cold is was but like I said, scalding water on the face doesn't really feel the best. What I can say is that my Canada Goose jacket and my MEC snowpants are quite enough to keep me warm...too bad I can't say the same about my scarf!

It's January 9th and my Christmas decorations are still up. In fact, I just finished a big cup of tea in my snowflake and reindeer mug I bought in Iqaluit. The tree lights just make the room so cosy, it makes the 2 pm darkness bearable. I suppose I'll just have to deal with it and start peeling away the layers of stockings, lights, candles, candy canes, gingerbread...I'll be peeling away all the vestiges of Christmas for another year. Boo.

Today a girl came to the door convinced that I had stolen her dog. I have no idea how she got my name nor why she would think that I have a german shepard mix, but she was insistant all the same. She said she'd be back with a search warrent. What's that about?  Right now I'm a bit worried about my machine sitting out front; it seems so vulnerable and open to vandalism. I think I'll get some chains at the Northern tomorrow and hook it up to the stairs. Sure, it's not fool-proof, but it's something.

With only two days left, I think I'll mention the Nunies again. I know that some may not feel it's worth their time to nominate or vote, but try to throw us bloggers a bone! The rules are pretty straightforward; there are three categories: Best Blog, Best New Blog, and Best Blog Entry. As a reader, you can nominate up to five blogs in the first two categories; the blogs with the most nominations go on to the voting round. Let me say this...for the person keying in their entries it gives a weird sort validation. All too often I hear people tell me they read but never comment. Anyone out there?

Back to the point: Clare up in Arctic Bay runs this whole deal and has set up an email address to collect the nominations: nunavutblogs@yahoo.ca First, brew some tea and check out a few Nunavut blogs, then send in a few nominations. Happy reading!

Well, my puppies are getting a bit pudgy (what with not being able to take chihuahuas out in this weather), so I'd best sign out and throw one of their chewy toys around for a bit...they're as lazy as I am these days and basically only eat, sleep, and meet crazy people at the door on the weekend.


Jim / Dad said...

Great to see you posting again,T. Enjoy the frosty beauty

Melodie said...

I'm a random person, but hey, I like Nunavut blogs!

Wow! @ the random girl at the door. lol.

Maybe you could get a scarf and balaclava from Canada Goose as well???

I could not manage that kind of tempurature, as I barely get through winters in S. Ontario, lol.

Tara Muise said...

hey melodie! thanks for reading (ok, thanks, dad, for reading as well...but it is your job lol).

i think i'll being ordering a balaclava from MEC today - i've heard good reviews of one of their models from a few people who live in nunavut.

oh, and the temperature? ya, it's bloody cold BUT...i lived through a winter in ottawa where it was regularly -30 degrees and that was definitely worse than the -40 here! different type of cold makes things bearable.