January 14, 2010


There are few things that will generally have me laugh straight out for an unsustained period of time...watching teeny dogs pushing each other for slurps of yogurt is one of them. So is watching them lick the rogue yogurt off each others' heads. Aww, so cute.

Tonight was my first real independent tinkering session with the Kitty Cat. I know it sounds stupid, but there was just such a feeling of satisfaction when finally got those spark plugs out the belly of that thing; I understand, now, why guys are prone to spending so much time with their noses under a hood! Unfortunately, I couldn't get that whole 'heat them up on the stove' thing to work...maybe because it was an electric burner? Tomorrow I'll be walking to the Co-op to get a few more plugs. Oh yay me.

But that's beside the point. Tomorrow is, after all, Friday. Sa-weet! Although there are no open roads to escape down, there is still the possibility of exploring the sea ice with a thermos of hot coffee. Perhaps I'll do that. Yup, that's what I'll do.

Final note: voting for the Nunies will be running until the 21st. Of course I would love your vote (wink wink), check out the other blogs listed...my work days generally start by reading those blogs instead of checking my work email. Now the cat's out of the bag. But, hey, that's why I go to work early.

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