January 15, 2010

Thank you Mama Bear and Papa Bear...

My birthday / Christmas presents finally flew into Pang...yay! A beautiful Friday, a whole weekend to rest, and two packages to tear into. What do you think of my fancy star-stamped postal pick-up? Nice. Oh ya...and what do you think of my post-it privacy notes? I can't have you mailing me or my parents random scraps of snail mail. Actually, that might be a bit cool, but I have a strict policy of not putting personal numbers, addresses, or pictures of people who don't want to be there on my blog. Yes Amy, that means you!

After making it home I tore into them and this is what I found:

As soon as the top popped, I knew there was some kind of food in there. I can't smell anything, but the pups sure could!

Ah-ha! Aren't they all purdy? All wrapped up like that? That would be the work of my mom. When you take all the same items you were originally going to give, then wrap them individually, it's just so much more satisfying...

Ok, the funniest? Rain coats. For the dogs. Since my chiweenie's gained weight, hers won't fit, but the wee one looks absolutely hilarious. I can't wait for it to warm up and rain!

And what about this one...

So, the mass of treasures? Chocolate, calendars, CDs, puzzles, dog stuff, spatulas, incense, books, writing paper, and some kind of weird thing which is supposed to cook potatoes. Check it out...it's that black thing called the 'Muise Tater Baker' (yes, it's personalized). You're supposed to put some potatoes in it, throw it in the microwave, then wait with your sour cream and dill. Yum!

And yes, that is a Starbucks cookie laying out there in the front. I had to swat both the dogs away just to take this picture, but I wasn't quick enough to block the both of them...I will have to scrape off the layer of frosting they attacked before I eat it.

This is what we do to those southern polar bears up here...

Lots to say about my snowmobile today, but that's something for another post. Yay for Christmas and birthdays coming late!


Breigh said...

I got the exact same calendar in my package of presents my mother sent me from Canada!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tara.... I had a visit...great "musings" and pictures. I especially love your Tater Baker... laughing way out loud over that!
What a landscape... beautiful!
Stay warm.
Donna Taylor
Barrie, Ontario

nzebula said...

That dog jacket is precious!