January 06, 2010

Cats and contracts...

Fffyyooo! I've finally finished all the schoolwork I need to have finished by tomorrow morning. Lots of scheduling. Lots of typing. Lots of classroom cleaning. Is it bad to say that I can't wait for the weekend already, or should I wait to say that on Friday?

The weather's been so wonderful here recently...temperatures haven't really dipped below the mid-teens. What does this mean in snowmobile terms? It's a lot easier to get around on the roads, you don't need to worry about gasoline antifreeze, and the electric start works most of the time. Today I got in a few pulls in to start it, but the engine was already warm; what's going to happen when it finally gets cold? Having that machine is so awesome and frustrating and painful and fantastic...so much better than a car.

My dad brought it to my attention yesterday that I'm halfway through my contract up here in Pangnirtung; it's passed quickly. I wonder what parts of this experience will have survived by the time 2020 comes along. I wonder how long I'll be here. I guess we'll see as the Arctic moon waxes and wanes. The chihuahuas are doing well and my house is cozy...it's an adventure worth spending!

Yeeouch! Better head to bed - the day before class 'n' all.

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