September 03, 2009

Finally...that's the theme.

Yay! I finally have a modem that works! I've been playing around for the past chunk of time (I won't say how long) trying out loading time on different websites. So, ok, no streaming movies or tv shows, but the streaming iTunes radio stations seem to work. Finally, a little bit of variety. Of course you put all your favorite on your iPod, but I was beginning to worry that I'd get no new music up here; I really can't get any radio stations except CBC North.

And...ta da! Pictures. Finally. Ok, so the one here is a pretty chintzy shot of me last week when I was in Iqaluit, but I was just testing things out. Now that I know my connection can handle it, there'll be more to come. Hmm...I suppose that also means I won't be able to justify spending money at Louis' so regularly. Boo. Oh well, my supervisors are visiting next week and we will be having an 'evening business meeting'; I hope this includes a meal as well as OT!

Another 'finally' today: my Canada Goose Kensington Parka is now purchased and will be on its way by the beginning of next week. Let's hope it arrives before the snow! Let's also hope that I ordered the right size...

BTW, if there is any northerner out there looking into buying stuff online, Christa's blog is awesome...another internet shopoholic. The common theme I've noticed in the GN community is their huge dependence on online shopping. I understand now. One walk around the Northern and you leave with your fingers itching for your credit card and keyboard. Bad, I know.

...actually, no, it's not. I was reading Townie Bastard's blog tonight and he mentioned a note someone had passed along calling him (in a nice way) a 'consumerist'. Sure I may end up buying more this winter than I would in Ottawa, but in Pang I can't treat myself to dinner or movie whenever I buckets of popcorn with twizzlers and a soft drink cup that's just way too big. There are no social establishments other than that of a friend's apartment. The library in town is the size of my bedroom and, as of yet, I haven't seen it open. Having quality clothing is important. There are just a lot of things. I just have to make sure I don't get out of control...when I start ordering paper cranes made by starving kids in Malaysia I'll know it's gone too far.

Until next time, happy shopping!


Sarah said...

Glad that you got hooked up officially with your own internet!! (was it the modem that was defunct?) or something else?!... Yes, internet shopping does seem to be the way to go sometimes...(if the packages make it to you!)

Tara Muise said...

Faulty modem. But they wouldn't believe me when I told them even after I relayed the fact that I had tried it on three different computers...computers which all ran well on someone else's modem! Water under the bridge. I have the thing now and it's set and ready to connect me to the outside world. Yay!

Jordan~Stephanie said...

yay for parkas!! where did you end up buying?

Tara Muise said...

altutude-sports (link from the canada goose website). it was sooo difficlt to find this style deliverable in canada i decided to snap it up asap. looking around for deals only seems to work for the expedition, mystique, and trillium. probably paid too much, but it's on its way. yay!