September 02, 2009

Ribbons of color...

Listening to the wind and checking out the Northern Lights, September 1

I usually try to post something before writing anything new, but sometimes it’s not so easy to time thoughts and internet service in the north. I’ve been fighting with my qiniq modem…I can’t even say we have a love-hate relationship. No love there! Although all the lights indicate that a connection is available, neither of my computers will go past ‘limited or no connectivity’ (and, yes, I’ve disabled the wireless).

Tonight, I just had to write something. I met newbieinthenorth…it’s so cool to have another blogger literally across the street. Tea, oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, Hell’s Kitchen, and Mortal Love (no, not the goth band…I just can’t find the right link). What could fill your Tuesday evening better? Some of the pictures she has are amazing (in every way possible).

Apparently there were polar bears roaming around stealing seal meat and dried fish about 5 miles from here. Boo. Although the new observable ‘test’ meat they put out is still there, travel on foot is pretty much shot if you want to take a jaunt out and about. And why wouldn’t you? Unfortunately, with this whole situation, I think I’ll have to err on the side of being the cautious local instead of the tourist looking for a photo op; I’ll leave my rifle and bear training for when I renew my contract.

My shipment arrived yesterday…yay!! No, I didn’t have a box on the infamous sealift (that’s an operation that’s awesome to watch…waiting for the tides to push the loaded boats to shore), but all the stuff I sent in the middle of August. Well, not everything is here, so I’m hoping First Air has just been splitting its boxes and that I will be receiving my stainless steel pans and assorted goods later. Please don’t laugh, I’m trying to be positive. I’ll put in the complaint call if I don’t get anything tomorrow.

My front windows face Mount Duval while my rear windows face the bridge and the main part of town…where you’d see all the lights. ‘All, of course, is a relative term when comparing a northern hamlet to a city. Today I was walking home over the lichen-covered rock and physically stumbled when I came to this realization: the light creeping out from behind the mountain was moving. It wasn’t the moon, hiding, like I had first imagined. Do you remember working with the ribbons in the rhythmic gymnastics portion of your gym class? Well, with all the crazy wind, it almost seemed that you had your very own northern version (magnified by thousands). Swirling. Random shades of green with some pink coloring.

Holy crap, the house is shaking. That wind is nasty…and it’s only a baby’s burp compared to what’s in store for the winter (or so I’m told). Another of Pangnirtung’s claims to fame. I suppose I’ll just have to trust that the engineer who designed this house is qualified. This is me. Trusting.

Poor Gryphon. Tonight I decided to prepare some fine cuisine, old school style. That is to say, I had pork chops and onions with a mushroom (soup) sauce over rice. That, in itself, is a bit sad, but I was proud that I actually cooked something instead of heating up one of those Indian curries I have sitting in my cupboard…I don’t think I can handle anymore lentils for awhile. However, the food is inconsequential in this story. What really matters is the fact that I had not thoroughly cleaned the burner and set off the fire alarm when the rice started cooking. So here I am, dodging around huge boxes full of packing paper and bubble wrap and wildly waving a dishcloth around. This is when Scarlett started moaning and crouching under a discarded dish box. Now, for those of you who don’t know, Gryphon is about 3 pounds. Tiny. Easy to miss when everything is calm. The only reason I knew where he was this time was because he was somehow ‘dog screaming’ and skittering about. I was pushing buttons, waving towels, fanning windows…and watching my dog literally shake the poop out. Did you know they could do that? When terrified, chihuahuas will lose control of everything. After I got the smoke cleared it was quite awhile before he was comfortable enough under my arm to stop shaking. Again, poor Gryphon. And for those of you who prefer to think of pigs in mushroom soup more than the plight of a young and scared puppy, well I enjoyed my dinner down to the last grain of rice!

The static has started. I was told about this…how the electricity in the air changes north of, well, Ontario. I’d already gotten a few good shocks since I moved, but today was a veritable lightening storm across the carpet. The dogs took alternate routes to get to their usual hang-outs, and the snaps sounded like little whips. Is it because of the Northern Lights? I really have no idea what causes all the static. The radio isn’t coming in very well here, either.

Clock ticking. Black night outside. Small bedside lamp. Swaying house. Hands on the keyboard. Alfred Hitchcock worthy?...


I've just been told it's More to Love (not Mortal Love )or, to the less politically correct crowd, 'The Fat Bachelor'. In retrospect that makes sense...but I have to say, other than the guy with the man-boobs, the ladies could all do plus-size modeling. Crazy 'reality' shows!


Sarah said...

Good to meet you too!!
(the show was called "more to love" or as I like to call it.. "the bachelor for fat people"...

the wind was pretty crazy last night..


Ray said...

with that kind of static around figure out some way to totally ground - as in electrically ground - yourself and your computer gear and any external USB memory, camera memory... even here in Minnesota i've been able to accumulate a static charge sufficient to zap a graphics card just walking across a few feet of carpet...