September 06, 2009


Well, I've been invited out for a movie at a friend's place, but I have to wait for that darn lasagna to finish cooking. Soooo... here I am. Waiting. I figure I'll pass the time by posting a few pics.

I got a 'Pang Hat' about a week ago...a girl who makes the rounds made it for me in the colours I wanted. Apparently her mom does amazing work; the stitching is a lot tighter. Whatever. This one's good for me, and it worked perfectly under my hood in the freezing rain earlier today.

Now there is a certain myth somehow perpetuated in the south that the land here is cold, barren...dead. I beg to differ. Right now there is some sort of plant growing (or maybe it's the grass turning?) that looks like little neon flecks you'd find after a superb shower of glowsticks at a rave. It won't come out in any of my pictures, but it actually looks like the grass is lit from within; it's the strangest thing.

My place is in the 4-plex with the green roof. My backyard and my front view. Yay! It just makes me happy to glance out the window and see Duval sitting there.

Lasagna's done!

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