September 14, 2009

5 gigs gone and no place to go...

Boo. No more gigs. I have no idea how I did it...ok, that's not true...damn you iTunes! When I hooked up my qiniq, I decided to go with the middle package - the one with 5 gigabytes for $120. I had no idea how much I regularly used, but I figured it was a lot. I got a lot of grief for that. "It's a waste of money. There's no way you would run out of the 2 gig package," they said. 2 gigs? Even with my limited tech ability, it didn't sound very promising to me. Something was off.

Anyway, after posting on Saturday, my computer strained a bit to load a few pages, then abruptly died. It now sits, glued, in the position of 'limited to no connectivity'. Ahh! What do you do when you find yourself computer-less? I know it sounds really sad, but I take heart in the fact that, if you're reading this, you probably have some sort of computer thing going on too. I had to content myself reading a few books...not so bad in the long run, I suppose. I have two more weeks to wait unless I decide to buy a bit more space.

...that brings me to today. Here I am, at work, typing furtively between lesson plans. I don't know why I'm doing in that way - it's after 5pm - but it just seems weird to be out of my office and in the students' lab. Yes, you read correctly. Not only is my computer done at  home, but it is currently offline in my office. Now I just have this huge chunk of hardware taking up the space on my desk...a desk designed for a right-hander. As a left-hander, it always pisses me off that the whole monitor and keyboard take up the position where my writing hand should be placed. I end up twisting around to write a note and, well, it just sucks.

I suppose I should head back to my lesson plans...I would like to be home before 7 or 8. I hope you are all well out there in blogger land; I'll see you when I get back...


Sarah said...

I'm glad i'm not the only one that had a horrible no good, very bad day! (ps) try your internets at home again---mine was offline for most of yesterday! :)

cpf said...

"Limited or No Connectivity" is more of a "can't properly connect to the modem/modem is broken/internet is down" error than a "your ISP cut you off" error.

Jordan~Stephanie said...

we feel your pain tara!

jordan & i went for the 10 gig package that northwestel offers and just found out we are already over that cap for this month. how sad! it is slightly embarrassing how much internet we use, but with both of trying to stay in touch with friends/family and streaming the odd video just to keep up with the rest of the world while we're minus cable, it didn't take long til we were over!

our new tv arrived today so i'll be heading over to iqaluit cable tomorrow . . . yikes!

Morena said...

It sucks having to watch what you do online. You do get used to it though.

Tara Muise said...

yay! silly me...'cpf' was right...there's just some sort of weird bouncing around with the mountains or something. thank goodness i didn't try to get groceries again yesterday because i think everything was down all over town.

tonight balance has been restored to the universe. tomorrow...well, tomorrow i'm going have to check the details of my internet deal.

jordan and steph: 10 gigs? we don't really get that kind of choice out here. boo. perhaps i'll buy a tv.


Christa said...

I wish we had a 10 gig option! haha.

The first week I was here we ran out (we were still on the 2Gb package) because I thought it would be ok to use video chat with my boyfriend a couple times.. Whoops.

So I paid the full $120 for the 3 of us here at this apartment to upgrade to the 5Gb.. and we came really really close to running out of that before it renewed. I think my roommates may be a bit resentful of my internet use, but I've watched them and they use it pretty much as much as I do, they were just used to their third roommate not being much of an internet junkie.

Tammy said...

I agree with Christa " I wish we had the 10 gig option"
My husband and I upgraded from the 2-gig to the 5-gig about two months after we arrived we couldn't justify paying an additional 30 dollars for an extra 1-gig after only two weeks into a month. We still go over our 5 gigs but usually it is with only a day or two to go before the refresh.
It makes heading out on vacation and having free WiFi everywhere all the better! lol