September 07, 2009

Labour Day lost...

For all of you out there in the blogosphere (I know, the term sucks)...

Do you remember that feeling that you had right before class started for the winter semester? Somewhere in the final days of December, Christmas excitement barely past, and you're just aching to wear those new clothes you got for school? There is a feeling of trepidation because, well, you do have to head to work/school at some point, but there's also a feeling of twisted anticipation. Hmm...that was me today. I start class tomorrow and, with the spotty bits of snow left, it really does feel like a warm Christmas! There's also that sound...the silence that you get after a snowfall in the south. Like a blanket.

Ok, ok...I know the pic above is pretty much the same one I put in before, so you may think I'm a bit unimaginative. It's really not that. This view is what I see walking home from work and it changes everyday. The picture to the right it what I see out one of my office windows.

So, ya, school tomorrow. Yay me! It's been about a month since I've been in front of a class, so it'll take a day or two to fall into it I suppose. This upcoming weekend will be my true Labour Day. Sure, it's only two days, but I'll actually try my best to relax during it.

One more picture. This on is taken looking down at my 'command center' from the kitchen. Pretty swanky digs, wouldn't you say? LOL

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Heather said...

There really is something about that day before school work starts after a long break... you really want to go, and you'd really rather not all at the same time. Enjoy your first day!