September 15, 2009

Questions & Quiche

So...I was talking to my dad tonight and, from linguaphile to linguaphile, he had some issues with my blog - more specifically, its title. Pangnirtung Bound was something I created when I was in the planning stages of this whole adventure. It basically focussed more on the anticipation and the absolute chaos that exists for everyone before they move.

Now, however, Pangnirtung Bound has taken on quite another connotation. I had been pondering the problem, but I didn't think anyone would've noticed it're forcing my hand here, dad! If someone new were to see it now, I'm sure he/she would think that I feel trapped here. Not true. I know there are some people who have kept their blog title the same throughout the years they spend in the north; it seems there is no shortage of 'newbie' sites which have existed for quite awhile. Should I follow suit? To do, to do...what should I do? Hmm...if anyone has any suggestions, please feel free to leave me a few ideas.

It looks like this Sunday I'll be hosting my very first Pang brunch; I think it'd be a cool thing to do at least once a month to make contact with people you might not actually work with. So, the menu? I was thinking something along the lines of a smoked salmon quiche, berry/cream cheese baked bread pudding type thing, fruit, yogurt, mom's awesome homemade granola, OJ, and some fan-tab-ulous coffee. Mmmm...sounds tasty, no? Sarah, if you're reading this, I'll be adding something else to that just to give you the whole 'surprise' factor. Boiled egg? Chocolate chip oatmeal cookies? I hear the reaction they get is amaaaazzing.

...I suppose this means I'm going to have to tackle some of the housekeeping things I've been avoiding for awhile. And get more groceries. I love to entertain though! (no anecdotal comments here please ).

Wow, I'm wiped. I suppose I should head to bed. Thankfully, I only have to teach in the morning tomorrow. The afternoon is reserved for office work. Yay! I will be able to hook up my iPod to my slammin' computer speakers and crank out the Dirty Dancing soundtrack.

Patrick Swayze R.I.P.


Morena said...

I chose the name for my blog off the cuff and now wish I'd chosen something else. I won't change it now though because it's now people know me and why mess up something that's working. I say stay with it.

Sarah said...

I did it as well--and well today is my 6month anniversary to arriving in Nunavut--i still feel like a 'newbie'...stick with it, it works, so why not?!

ps. can't wait to brunch.. and yes, I do hear that oatmeal chocolate chip cookies are to die for! let me know if I need to bring anything!