September 19, 2009

Drinking tap water and chewing ice cubes...

Although I've been here for about a month and have gotten used to the prices and internet speed, there are so many things that I'm still waiting to experience up here in the north. So many things that are unique to the colder climes of the world. In the past 24 hours there have been some interesting developments.

Last night the Northern Lights were bright and billowy that they really do deserve those capital letters. As most of you have experienced, though, the problem is capturing them in a picture. By using a camera which allows you to manually adjust the shutter and timing it's possible, but with a straight 'hey let's hang out with friends and take pictures' type of camera (which I have) it's just not gonna happen. Anyway, I'll leave the details of that excursion to a time when I get the goods pics from a friend.

Ok, here it goes...

After lunch today, one of my students asked if I was in a 'Friday' mood. I'm not really sure what that's supposed to mean, but I soon found out.

Her: "I brought something back for you," was all she said.
Me: "To eat?"
Her: "Yup."

Me: (joking) "Seal eyeballs?"
Her: "Yup."

Forget Michaelle Jean and all her raw heart adventures. There I was, my hands covered in chalk and, well, imagining picking up an eyeball.

There are a few animals in this world which are, I believe, somehow designed to be super-cute. Polar bears, pandas, seals...those sorts of things. Well, at least the babies. For the latter, I think it's something about the big, black eyes. They are big and black!

Anyway, I was honored that I was even offered, so I prepared. There's a whole process of cleaning the outside, then making a slit in the side. It's not so difficult, but it's something to get your mind around. I did.

The idea is to slit the side then suck out the insides making sure, of course, not to choke on the 'marble'. I'm pretty sure it's the lens, but for some reason I always assumed they'd be softer. These truly are clear spheres that - if the eye is as big as a seal's - is about the size of a marble.

If given the chance, I would encourage anyone to try; there really is nothing like it. One thing that is said about seal meat that I didn't expect to be true about the eye is that it warms you up and keeps you full. It's so true! Well, I don't know if that's why I felt warmer, but I definitely didn't feel hungry for hours and hours! Tonight I made myself eat something because I knew that my body needed it, not because I wanted it.
Oh my...I sure do look peaked in that picture to the left!

I know this may not have been the most entertaining read, but it was something I wanted to record on my own personal blog for future reference. I have been reading through some of my archived posts, and it's interesting to have those little momentos of a time that's past.

Again I say: drink the tap water and chew an ice cube every now and then if it's offered...

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