August 02, 2009

My dogs smell like Jiffy Pop...

I've been told to focus on buying and packing things which are really difficult to get in the north. Can anyone tell me if Jiffy Pop is readily available? I'm assuming it isn't since such luxuries are generally only found in the Giant Tiger stores which sell food or a few of the independant drugstores. Whatever happened to its popularity? Microwave popcorn? It's just so much more satisfying to watch the spiraled foil atop the butter flavoured kernals expand than it is to listen for the telltale decrease in popping frequency which indicates microwave popcorn is ready.

In all seriousness though, packing has been a huge concern; what to bring, what not to bring. The relocation instructions about packing seem to be so specific, yet written the way they are (in legalese) is making me paranoid. What if I do something wrong and end up having to pay for the whole thing? That would suck. I get to take 1500 lbs of belongings (not including furniture) and, although I'm on the older edge 3 decades, I don't think I have that much. I have lived in Halifax, Tallinn, Seoul, Hong Kong, New York, Montreal, and Ottawa in the past 13 years and, with all that moving, haven't had the chance to accumulate very much. Just a suitcase or two of things I would never part with - the rest is mostly there for convenience. One of the sticky elements to this move with be the two dogs...they're not covered in my relocation package and I'll be the only one who will be transporting everything. Ah!

Moving along...

One thing that I've noticed in the past few weeks is that, as soon as you make plans to move, everyone wants a piece of your time. Sure there are friends that you definitely want to see, but there are also mere acquaintances who want to meet up for a farewell drink; why were they so busy when you actually had time? Would you suggest spending your time hanging out with some relative unknowns or actually preparing to go somewhere else? My money's on the latter.

I only have two more days of work...actually, since they're half-days, I only have two more mornings of work. Sweet! Things are moving along relatively smoothly, but I have this sneaking suspicion that it's because there's no one here with me to point out what I'm forgetting to do. To Jordan and Steph: one of your posts spoke about trusting your 'better half' to balance out your preparations. About how important it is to have each of you involved in the process. Well, I certainly am jealous of you two in that regard...I share my apartment with two small dogs, and they just want to play.

Well, I suppose it's time for me to update my to do list. I have papers everywhere, but they're only making things messier...I need to merge them, stick them in a Google Calendar format, and hope that I don't get pulled back into the world of aimless websurfing.

Oh, and for the record, my dogs really do smell like Jiffy Pop. What's up with that?

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KOTN said...

JIffy pop is available (at least in Iqaluit), but the problem is that it is usually so old, that when you try to cook it, half the kernels do not pop.

Last time we tried, ended up throwing it out.