August 14, 2009

The squeak of tape...

Yes, the squeak of packing tape...who actually enjoys that sound? Or what about the scratch of permanent markers on cardboard? It gives me goose pimples but, when someone else is moving you, it's something I'm learning to deal with.

The movers showed up promptly at 8:30 this morning and have been going at it for almost an hour. They know exactly what they're doing and, since they're both female, the dogs have settled down somewhat - I think they've accepted their fate of being locked in the bathroom for a bit. I've already heard some nasty reports of this whole experience so, unless everything gets lost, I'm going to count myself lucky.

Ok, the rest of the day...

Doctor's office, pharmacy, and maybe the contact place; since I have to return to the pharmacy tomorrow, I may leave that last one another day as well. Moving heavy furniture and storing stuff will be covered on Sunday, then it's off on Monday. Oh, and I also have to pick up some dogfood. Crap.

I really need a coffee, and my coffee-pot is already packed. The movers brought their Tim's and all I can do is sit here and type away. I just have to keep saying to myself, "soon young grasshoppa. One must wait for the crane fly to drown" (or some such crazy thing).

I need to eat sometime soon too...


The movers just left. Even after throwing in a bunch of extra textbooks and heavy stuff my final weight limit was well under 900 lbs...I was cleared to take 1250 lbs. I wish they would ship food!

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