August 10, 2009

Airline entry...

Ahh! Despite my personal promise that I would blog regularly, I’ve slipped already; I have to say, though, that I really do have a good excuse. I’m moving in a week! So much has happened since my last entry…

First off, I have spent a ridiculous amount of money preparing. WalMart was awesome and, I’m sorry Costco lovers, I enjoyed my time there much more. I now have a bookshelf (one of the glaringly obvious missing items in my new place) as well as all my bathroom stuff, new sheets/blankets, dishes, toiletries, and a few other things. Most of this was on my second run…after I looked for all this stuff at Costco.

Actually, perhaps I’m being too hard on the place; I just expected the one in Ottawa to be better than the one in Halifax and it wasn’t…not by a long shot.

Do you remember that Seinfeld episode where Kramer buys a bunch of ‘Beef-a-roni’ at a Costco equivalent? He had to feed it to the horses that, in turn, got pretty ‘gassy’. That’s how I feel about some of the stuff. I’m feeling gassy. Who needs 12 toothbrushes, 26 razor blades, 6 extra huge deodorant sticks, and 8 tubes of make-up pad removers? They’re all things that I wanted but in a crazy quantity. How do I decide what I should actually use up my baggage space?

Next to Canadian Tire to get my humidifiers (neither Costco nor WalMart were stocked) where I also picked up a great coffee bean grinder. I figure there are a few things I cannot do without and, if I have to take pre-ground stuff, I will be a very unhappy camper by January. Another $130 on pee-pads at PetSmart. I still have to head to the vet to get the right kind of food for the two monkeys.

Phone calls: cancelled hydro, internet, downgraded Gyphon and Scarlett’s health insurance (didn’t want to cancel altogether), contacted movers re: allowable items, pharmacy re: prescriptions, NAC re: forwarding address, and…hmm…I know there must be more. I know there’s still more to do.

Right now I’m on the plane heading back to Nova Scotia for a quick visit. It’s the first time that I’ve travelled with both dogs and, I have to say, I’m terrified about what Scarlett is going through in cargo. Poor thing. At least there’s no turbulence (yet). Gryphon is here at my feet, and he seems to be doing pretty good. Rescue Remedy…herbal stuff that my vet recommended. Good stuff for cabin travel.

Well, if I write much more I’m going to lose readers I’m sure…that is assuming I have any left. What’s up with the lack of comments? I know that you’re out there because you mention it on the phone. Starting on the 13th I will no longer have my cell!

Ahh! Turbulance! I hope to hear from you soon…


chris said...

Hi Tara
Busy blog there I just can't wait to see all the adventures of the autumn in Pang ... is there actually an autumn in the arctic?

Jordan~Stephanie said...

Hey Tara! Thanks for the comment on Jordan's latest entry. I'm going to get him to write another more specific one on what's gone down in the last week, but I should tell you that among entertaining visitors from out of town and preparing for a good friend's wedding (bachelor/bachelorette parties, rehearsal dinners, etc.) the movers came last week! It was not at all what we expected though. We had already planned for them to come out Tuesday for the estimate and then Thursday to pack & load, but when Tuesday came around, we were informed that we needed to do most of the packing ourselves! Ahhh! I don't want to get into too much detail on here, but let's just say that with us packing ourselves, we could include/hide some things we would normally not be allowed to bring i.e. food. I would have complained that the company was being paid to pack for us - I still don't know why they felt they didn't need to - but it was such a golden opportunity!! So we had 3 days to pack the mountain of stuff that was waiting to go (we pushed the move to Friday) among the activities I described earlier. THAT'S the stress he was talking about haha. So all in all - the best advice I can offer is to consider having a large Rubbermaid container (or 5) and lining the bottom with non-perishable stuff you can cover and label Clothes!! Good luck with your movers!!

Tara Muise said...

ha ha! i could only hope for such a serendipidous occurance. i guess i'll see tomorrow morning!

...good luck with the wedding :-)