August 21, 2009

Friday again...

After my super-hike yesterday, I knew I would feel it…and boy do I feel it. Living in the city, I think everyone goes through that phase of ‘I walk by that gym everyday…I should get a membership. If I pay for it, I’m sure to use it’. Fallacious argument. You eventually fall into the self-justification that you can afford the monthly payments on your already meager salary. Have you ever tried to ‘Quit The Gym’? I think there’s even a full Friends episode on the dilemma. It’s impossible.

Why do I mention buying a gym membership and not using it? It’s a little more difficult to decide you won’t do any physical activity in Pang (or anywhere in the north I suppose). Just to get from point A to point B involves walking…in a city it’s amazing how much people (myself included) rely on taxis, buses, and other forms of public transportation to take them just a few blocks. I imagine wardrobe has more than a small role in that aspect. Walking in heels and a power-suit kinda sucks.

Anyway, it’ll be a great day when I can climb a mountain without having to stop so much or feel like this the next day. That being said, though, I will be buying a ski-doo sometime soon…looking for the right deal. To all of you in my pre-Pang life: look right out! It’s a brand new me. There’s no use in coming to Canada’s north and spending the entire time in front of your flatscreen watching CSI (as tempting as that sounds sometimes).

Time to go out and enjoy the day. Happy hiking!

Friday update (before I could even get to a computer):

I needed to get a few things at the Northern Store before heading to the Lodge today. On the way, I met Steve and Ryan…two guys working here in Pang who own a truck and offer people rides. It’s really not as creepy as it sounds. From that short buzz across the hamlet I learned that Ryan is actually the contact for the Department of Heritage and that the two of them are both experts in skidoos (or so they profess). Tomorrow I’m going over for tea and a chat on the finer points of snow travel.

Time for Louis’s…


Matthew and Michele said...

Ski Doin'. Good times and a lot of fun.

Welcolm to the north.

Marc Phillion said...

Hey Tara,

I've finally caught up a bit on your Blog. Great stuff! I'm soo glad your stuff did arrive. I get the feeling that in some weird way it's like "island life" where the pace of life is the way it should be... just take it easy. I'll send the last bits of your stuff up to you soon.