August 04, 2009

Broken fax machines, cream of wheat, and fried chicken...

Well, the update goes like this: The trip to the optometrist today was a complete waste of time...I'll have to head back again next week to get my contacts which - oh - nobody had ordered yet! Really, really not impressed with that; it's not the easiest thing to get back and forth.

Checked the Rideau Center for some hiking boots. No luck. I just got caught up in the heels again...I'm reeeaalllly going to miss my shoes :-( I think I'm just going to have to hunt something down at MEC. Money clears tomorrow, so I'll head out in the evening.

Today I also cleaned out my fridge and cupboards...there was some really nasty stuff piling up! It's so funny to see the kind of stuff you accumulate and forget about. I had two half eaten containers of kimchi - baechu and ggakdugi. Well, that stuff doesn't actually spoil for a few years, but I think I'll chuck it anyway. I had 2 eggplants that I forgot about (don't ask) sitting next to a bottle of lemon grass for some Thai dishes. Korean hot pepper paste, soybean paste and dehydrated smooth seaweed for miso soup, stacks of canned tuna and dogfood, and nori with short-grain rice to make sushi were the final bits of sustenance on the shelves...I don't really want to buy groceries before I head out, but I'm going to have to get awfully creative to keep eating! Like the title mentioned, I had fried chicken for lunch and a nice bowl of cream of wheat to get me through the night.

But, enough of that...since I'm not a model, actress, or rockstar, I doubt that anyone is really interested in my eating habits.

So...I was in touch with the relocation department today, and things are moving along smoothly. All of my sheets have been filled out correctly, the movers have called for an estimate, I'm realizing that not having to pack my own stuff rocks, I've found someone to help me move stuff from my apartment to the airport on the 17th, separated all the books I want to take, put together a detailed inventory of everything to be packed up, ....anyway, I got lots done.

And...I was in touch with my grandparents today to try out my new webcam on Skype. Awesome. Now I'm set on the communication end of things.

On a more interesting note...any Billy Joel fans out there? If so, you have to check this out: We Didn't Start the Fire. It's a great song - read the lyrics sometime (in the song he goes through them very quickly). A verse for each decade. What would be in your verse? It's an interesting mental exercise.

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