February 07, 2010

Online again...

I love to cook. Improvising different tastes and style - hoping it'll work in the end. Up here, that's especially true. Not only are certain ingredients absolutely impossible to find, but if you're working on something and it starts to migrate south you run the risk of wasting all the other elements unless you can adapt. Adaptability drawn from necessity. I would campare it to cockroaches - the ultimate survivors - but that generally sketches a really dirty kitchen. My kitchen is not dirty. It has, however, been a busy one this weekend...squash, cream cheese, white chocolate chip muffins; jerk chicken caesar salad; lasagne with slowcooker sauce; cantalope sorbet; and crazy poutine gravy that starts with homemade pork stock which has been on the stove for about three hours already...the freshly cut wedge fries have been prepared already. Nice. All of this for the SuperBowl Party without the actual SuperBowl; just a bunch of teachers and 'significant others' taking some time out.

So, what have I been up to here in Pang. Lots'n'lots - too much, in fact, to catch everyone up. But is that what a blog's about? I'm not sure. One of the great things, I suppose, is that it can be a bit about anything, everything, or nothing...like a Seinfeld episode. Hmmm.

February already. I can't believe I've been here for half a year already. It seems to have flown by more quickly than I'd expected. I've also spent more than expected. Not too much, but enough. For example, I never would have considered putting in a $300 Epicure order at this time last year! Weird.

No literary genius tonight. Actually, I'd never really say there is any genious around, but I have my moments.

Online again.


Morena said...

welcome back!

chris said...

Glad to see you're back. From the sound of things your epicure purchase will be put to good use in a "cold and windy place"