February 24, 2010

Pizza Pizza

Generally, I like to cook...there's something really cathartic about mixing ingredients and have something appears from nothing. However, sometimes it's really nice just to have take-out. Something that is delivered. To the door. In Ottawa, one of my favorites was Greek on Wheels. Soooo good. Of course, the generic 'Canadian' Chinese food and pizza made an appearance, but pretty much anything Greek is ok in my books.

...so what happens when you want a greek pizza? Black olives, red onions, feta - those are the basics. That last ingredient is essential and near impossible to get most of the time. Recently, though, the Northern got a big order in for the 'super-low' price of $13 / container. I don't care. I love it. Tonight I made my favorite pizza: olives, red onion, feta, mozzarella, green pepper, and broccoli. I know it sounds weird, but it's amazing. My local Pizza Pizza delivery place even started to recognize the order!

Oh, and something I learned? I finally found a replacement for the cornmeal that I always put on my pizza pans when I cook. For some reason you can't get it here, but if you use Italian herb Shake'n'Bake, it works out really well - crispy thin-crust.

...and another thing? In a dry community the yeast needed for breads is kept under lock and key along with the vanilla extract. It's a good thing I asked where it was! I had already planned making a few pizzas for different people and several loaves of bread. I think they recorded my name at the Northern, but I don't think I bought enough to get a home-brew business up and running. Pizza and bread! I just want pizza and bread!

Well I'm going to go back for seconds.

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