February 20, 2010

Kitty close calls, kites, and a few little pup pics...

It came to my attention last night that, whenever there's a huge lull in my blogging frequency, it's because I'm focusing on negative ('un-bloggable') things. It's kind of stupid really...having unbloggable things going on doesn't mean that there's nothing bloggable.

Yesterday was my first true almost 'Bruce Willis worthy' stunt on my snowmobile. No, I didn't do some fancy flipping up and down the mountains; I didn't jump over deep chasms in the ice; I didn't spiral into pinpoint stops on the corners of precipices. My poor little Kitty slammed into a boulder, ceased to move, and threw me about 3 meters. Not so bad all-in-all. It was as if it were occuring in slow motion...basically hoping there were no other rocks to smash into. Fortunately, but for a bad case of snow burn on one cheek, I came out unscathed.

Trying to get that B-och out was another story. The reverse worked, but the snow was so deep and powdery it just slipped back. I found out that I'm strong enough to pick up and move the back end, but the front end is a tad too much. I'll have to work up those muscles...raaawwrr!! Since the tread was firmly pushed up and jammed on a rock, I basically had to hike home and try to figure out a way to get it back to my place. It didn't take long. Within the hour someone came and knocked on my door and asked whether it was my machine and whether I wanted him to get it out. Yes, everyone knows the crazy southern single girl who can't seem to keep a hold of the one thing that so many would love to have. Ah, whatever...it's out in front of my place right now - no damage done. I have to say, though, my body has taken a beating. I can still feel the ache on my left side despite the 2 extra strength ibuprofen!

So today, when I was laying around with my painkillers, this is what I saw through my front window. Since I'm in the government residential end of town, the buildings you see are pretty much the same as mine. First they got the tent up with some sort of air-blowing device and then they used it to keep a heated bubble around. It looked like a lot of fun, but I don't think anyone was about to get off the ground for very long (not windy enough).

Not bad, eh?

You see? There are lots of bloggable things to write about in times of unbloggable depressions. Sure there are things that get me down, but when you're this close to the Arctic Circle, the temperature is a mere -6 degrees celcius, how could you not resist running out with these cuties? It's fun enough to just wrap my pups up in a bunch of clothes, put some paw protector on their little toes, and let them have some fun out of the house. The wee one is Gryphon...Scarlett's the pup with her nose in the snow.

So that's it for now. My blog entry on an unbloggable day...

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