February 08, 2010

Exhaustion in the time of apple tart...

I have an ongoing love affair with Judge Joe Brown. We don't talk, but I check him out through the tube every evening when I get home from work, drifting in and out of consciousness. These days, if I end up joining the dogs a bit earlier, I click over to 'The People's Court'...the lady judge who's funny in contrast to Judge Judy's 'Simon Cowel-ness'. I think my brain might be turning to jelly. Yup, it is.

So today I had hardcore leftovers for lunch. Yum! It's so nice to go from a peanut butter and banana sandwich to a hunk of lasagne with a few teeny cinnamon rolls (though, truth be told, the former is pretty kickass with a splash of milk). Food might be more expensive up here, but you certainly learn to appreciate it much more. Such gastronomical dee-lights!

I bought some great-looking record keeping software off of an educational website; it arrived last week. Complicated, yes. But hawt daaam!! It sure does make everything look purdy. I am having certain problems with it though...it takes up quite a few GB and my poor little netbook is bursting at the seams. I need a nice 'computer colonoscopy' to clean out the bits'n'pieces of random detritus in my hard-drive.

Oops...drifted off again. My eyes are all sticky with contact dryness and my body feels like it's been doused in some sort of exhaustion juice. I feel tired right down to the dried and split ends of my static-y hair. I wish I could head to bed, but the stack of essays next to me assures me that that's not going to happen today. "Work through the pain," I suppose.

Time to make some tea, scoop up some more leftover apple tart, and slice into that pile of papers. I hope my pen can work quickly.

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Morena said...

mmmmm, apple tart...