February 25, 2010

Doggy woes...

This is Rocky...the Pang version of a cairn terrier. He's pretty cute, but he's an unneutered male who is gawd-knows how old. Though he has lots of grey hair, I don't think he's that old.

Crazy wiry hair with a thick undercoat...I have no idea how I'm going to clean him up. Right now he's waiting for his flight out of here and needed a place to crash. I guess my place is known throughout the community as the 'small dog' place. Fair enough.

Rocky seems to be incorporating well enough into the pack and, with a bit more time, I think he'll be happy. Fortunately, because of his coat, he can go out for walks...that helps with his mental state. Scarlett and Gryphon have been bouncing off the walls all winter; I can't wait to take them out again!

Boo. I just got a phonecall from a friend who 'lost' her dog today. Someone came to her workplace, accused her of napping it off their doorstep, then physically assaulted her. Ok, so she doesn't have a black eye, but seriously! How can you call it a cherished family pet if you haven't noticed FOR TWO WEEKS that it was roaming the streets with no collar and foraging for garbage! Also, this woman hadn't even seen the dog. She had just heard that my friend has started taking care of one!

It's a rough world for a dog in the north. And really not fair.

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