April 03, 2010

New stuff...

So, I'm back! Yes, it's true...your wayward Pangnirtung blogger has been AWOL for, truthfully, no good reason. It's the strangest thing; though recordable things have happened, I haven't actually added anything here for 2 weels. Part of the reason for this is, I think, because I've been on a less 'rigid' schedule than regular.

Working from home always does this to me...when I'm at the office there is a very defined outline of how each day should progress; daytime wrapped up in teaching stuff, evenings marking, planning, and keeping this site updated. I guess I should start to easing in a bit more structure...my readers have been sending emails to ask what's up.

There are a few things which are quantifyably new, I suppose. First thing to mention is that, by the end of this month, my parents are actually going to be here enjoying the hours of sunlight and the beauty that Pangnirtung has to offer. Yes, they've transferring their teaching certificates to allow them to pick up some substituting work here and making the trek from Nova Scotia...go figure! It should be cool.

Secondly, I've signed a new contract for next year that will be moving me and the pups to Qikiqtarjuaq...just a push farther north. I will miss the mountains here but, from what I've heard, Qik is beautiful too. Also, regardless of who I tell, everyone agrees that I'll be catching a glimpse of my first polar bear from up there (not too many around Pang). I suppose that this 'Pangnirtung Bound' blog will have to be renamed and rerouted in a few months!

Well, back to my sizzling beef leftovers and iced coffee; ah, such a blend of asian-american tasties. I promise, I'll stay connected...

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chris said...

Aaaaawwww good to see you back ...Looking forward to seeing you soon
Love from the 'Rents