July 24, 2009

The Phone Call

Well, I finally received the call I was waiting for...it's now official. After so much waiting, it's surreal to know that the I will be moving in a mere 3 weeks. Three weeks!!

Like I had mentioned on one of my other blogs, I had an interview for a position in Nunavut about which I was cautiously optimistic. After a few weeks of not hearing, I sent out a quick email to ask whether all the candidates would receive some sort of notice even if unsuccessful. This, I was assured, was the process. I was also told that I passed the interview section of the selection process. After much more waiting, worrying, and reading northern blogs, I couldn't help myself; I shot out another quick email.

The next day, while scooping up poop at the dogpark, my cell started chirping. And there is was. A job offer. I even got to choose between a few locations! My two pups were running around and, all of a sudden, I was left in the middle of the field holding feces, freeze-dried chicken, and wonderful news. Ah, yes...what a fantastic memory to store away for future reference.

My parents were first on the 'call list' followed by my bestest of best friend, Siovone. I wasn't even back to my apartment by that point! The dogs got in a lot of wandering and not too much attention. Gryphon wasn't too impressed with the whole thing...he ran up to me, lifted his little leg, and piddled on my ankle.

You read correctly, I have two little dogs which, now, will be moving north. They're both still young (6 months and 2 years), so they should be ok. They're wee ones, so I'm going to have to be really careful that they keep warm - I'll figure it out.

Until next time, happy dog-poop scooping. You never know what you'll be doing when great news hits.

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