July 25, 2009

I'm allergic to wool...

Yes, it's true...the title, that is. You know how I found out? Heading to the local yarn store to start knitting myself a scarf for my journey. I suppose it's a bit of a cliche to start talking about 'the Journey' as if it were something like 'El Camino' or Mecca, but I think moving to northern Canada is definitely something one does not do lightly. It involves mental and physical preparation and, at this point in my life, it is my Journey. Hey, it's already gotten me back to knitting!

I was officially offered a position last Thursday (the 23rd) and officially accepted it yesterday (the 24th)...starting August 17th I'll be calling Pangnirtung my home. Bizarre, right? Three weeks to figure everything out and move...three weeks to prepare for something that is so huge! I've been creating list upon list and still feel so overwhelmed that escaping into a movie sounds like a dream.


That's all I have to report for the moment; things are still crazy, and I'm still processing. Nunavut Newbie v.2.o: Iqaluit, you're awesome for us newcomers; Jordan and Steph, your 'Shelter' blog has been great to follow. Modeling my prep routine after yours seems to be a sensible thing to do right now.

Wish me luck!


Jordan~Stephanie said...

Allergic to wool? That's crazy talk!

We've enjoyed reading your blog as well Tara. We're so glad we could be helpful.

All the best!

Tara Muise said...

hee hee...allergic to wool, that's me. i go with the polyester cheapy-knit stuff. god forbid i ever light up!

love the cosco reference on your blog...heading there next week. MEC tomorrow. bulk barn next week. wal-mart/zellers somewhere in between. ah! i'm so excited!

can't wait to read your next entry.